Top 7 Websites For Your Data Science Job

The Data science profession is a lucrative and most in-demand occupation which is attributed to the data creation and requirement of deriving valuable data insights. Data scientist jobs are also nurturing at present and it is a suitable time to get into the field. Amidst the global crisis, many of you might be looking for active job roles in order to ensure stability. We have presented the top 7 website and job board forums which you can easily leverage for your professional role irrespective of full time or short term participation.

Top 7 Websites For Your Data Science Job

1. Y Combinator

Y Combinator has a robust job board which enables you to connect with more than 400 startups. The website has also funded well-established companies including DoorDash, Airbnb, Stripe and so on. It is also an American seed accelerator and its combined value is incredible for data scientist jobs. Y Combinator is a responsible platform which has guaranteed success by a large number of startups worldwide. The platform also conducts interviews and selects the batches depending upon the performance every year.

2. AngelList

AngelList is a great platform for facilitating the investment and recruitment process for small units or startups. Just like LinkedIn you have to create your profile on this website and enter all the required information. Just after this you can access the startup jobs and choose the one you like most. It is a reliable platform for potential job seekers and aspiring data scientists.

3. Stack overflow

Stack overflow is one of the most incredible websites having a large collection of questions and answers for programming and data science experiments. The website also has a well-designed job board and it is a great instance to get through for the data scientists. It is equally useful for developers or software engineers from multiple streams.

4. Leetcode

This website is quite similar to Interview Bit or Hackerrank which allows users to polish their coding skills along with meeting all the challenges in the process. This website is a perfect place to improve your database skills and sorting algorithms. In addition to it, the website has also included the latest features where the candidates can participate in mock interviews. If you are actively looking for technical jobs then this is the platform you should give a try.

5. Interview query

Being a new website, Interview Query has a set of unique features and it is highly dedicated to aspiring data scientists. The platform also has a vast repository for content-rich technical questions which can help individuals to prepare for their data science job. If you have a general account on the website then you will receive data science questions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you require more questions, it is advised to get a premium account.

6. Jumpstart

Jumpstart is indeed a reliable resource in order to get tech jobs. Earlier it was just used as a forum but with its prevalence now the platform is highly efficient. Jumpstart also has its own job board along with a detailed calendar having various tech gatherings. In order to get the bright options, you can sign up for the platform and learn more.

7. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is highly renowned as a job board and it has plenty of unique features for the users. For instance, you can go through the company reviews, set of interview questions for a number of reputed platforms. If you are looking for outstanding data scientist companies then you can bring Glassdoor to your advantage. Also, if you want to get familiar with the interview process of any company then it is a great source to go through the interview questions.

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