How To Become a Data Analyst in 2020

The role of a data analyst is to understand the valuable insights for all the possible trends to reveal the data sets. Functional companies hire data analysts to improve their business practices along with keeping pace with decisions. Let us work for this article and learn all the possible steps to become an efficient data analyst.

Job description

It is important to figure out the job description of a data analyst, along with the roles and responsibilities. It involves functioning, predicting the market share, establishing the tag for new products or services, reducing overheads, balancing the sales, and figuring out the workforce. Some of the prominent ones are mentioned below-

  • To distinguish the market trends.
  • Collecting and analyzing the report data to meet business objectives.
  • Identifying the data sources and all the essential methods to improve the business process and data collection.
  • Comprehensive reporting of the data.

Skills required to become a data analyst

Just like a successful business analyst, the job of data analyst requires extremely sharp technical skills as well as logical understanding. The individual must also be capable of understanding the complex relationship between an organization and its databases and data sources in other entities. Other required skills are-

  • Analytical approach- Data analyst has to work with voluminous data and facts. Hence, they must possess the ability to analyze it properly and bring the conclusions earlier.
  • Critical thinking- The individual must be able to look at the facts, market trends, and numbers to present the conclusions.
  • Communication skills- Data analysts are also required to present their research findings to other team members as it is extremely important to have communication skills in order to deliver reports properly.
  • Logical skill- There are a large number of technical as well as logical skills that are required in a data analyst marking proficiency.

How do I become a data analyst?

Step I- Earn a degree in computer science, information technology, or statistics.

You can take computer science studies, which duly emphasize the project and database management. Also, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree in the same segment.

Step-II- Get the experience

If you do not have any experience, then it becomes hard to get a data analyst job in a reputed company. Hence, you can either try to grab an internship experience prior to applying for the job as it will help you develop insight with additional skills. This type of work role will also polish your technical skills as well as help you with job training.

Step  III- Advancing your career options

You do not have to stop with a bachelor’s in data analyst profession rather try to advance your academics with a master’s degree program or any other certification. This will help you to develop an edge over other participants, and you can get exposure to other opportunities as well.

Another fact is that the employers of the organization also prefer the candidates having an array of technical skills and knowledge. It is also considered if they have in-depth knowledge of the latest tools and technologies.  To have some additional perks in your skills and knowledge will only do you good.

Mastering essential skills

A data analyst has to scrutinize the available information with a number of data analysis tools. The result of this conduct derives potential information for the company and its employees as a review of their product or services. It is extremely important for a data analyst to master a variety of skills other than the ones mentioned above-

  • Absolute mathematical efficiency- Data analysts have a complete understanding of the mathematical concept in order to precisely visualize the data.
  • Knowledge of programming languages- As a data analyst, you must be capable of multiple programming languages, including Python, C, C++, Java, PHP, and so on.
  • Microsoft office- You might be a computer genius, but the other team members of your company are not the masters. In short, along with advancing the computer skills, you do not have to miss the basics. For the presentations for elaborating your search, it is important to know Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Access.


Upon becoming a proficient data analyst, you can opt for market research, finances, investment, or sales jobs.

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